“He’s a gem—mini-crash,” Vanessa concluded when the shoot wrapped

Theirs, meanwhile, wasn’t your average courtship due to the character of Vanessa’s work.

As an Entertainment Tonight correspondent, she was soon talking about her experience making the video and Nick’s personal life on TV. “This guy is usually honest,” she said/read in introducing a package (that she also narrated) about the What’s Left of Me special. “Just hear him open up about how tough it had been to observe his marriage unravel within the limelight .”

“It’s great to ascertain Nick handling his heartache by talking about it and being so open and honest,” Vanessa concluded.

Who knew then that her combat the topic mattered quite anyone’s?

“What’s Left of Me” reached No. 6 on the Billboard 100, Lachey’s divorce from Simpson was finalized in June 2006, and therefore the number of sightings of him and Vanessa out together began to tick upward. Visit Here To Read the latest Celebrity, business articles.

Funny enough, despite their burgeoning relationship not being much of a secret, the new couple over-corrected for the cameras when Nick appeared on TRL that July, just days after they were spotted smooching at a club. On the show, they gave nothing away, with the 2 practically feigning disinterest in one another (though it had been Vanessa’s workplace, so really they conducted themselves quite professionally).

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