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Airsoft and airsoft guns occupy a small gray area of law. For many years, the authorities failed to distinguish reproduction firearms and airsoft guns from the actual thing. The outcome? An intolerant legal system with very little empathy for authentic airsoft fans and hefty limitations on legitimate companies. In the 2nd May 2017 that the Policing & Crime Act (2017) introduced an exclusion in the classification for airsoft guns as guns, as long as they meet specific standards . Nonetheless, it’s taken us quite a while to get here…

Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 set out limitations on the ownership of airsoft replicas, that came along with the debut of the ASBA (Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003) Amendments. These change so illegal the ownership of any replica guns in people without good cause (to be hidden inside a gun case or container only, to not be left in perspective of people anytime ). Even the prohibition of self employed gas cartridge guns can arguably employ to MOSCARTs and BB-Shower grenades, though it’s meant to prohibit the selling of all BACS revolvers.

The Brocock Air Cartridge System (BACS) was undoubtedly the hottest air compressor merchandise available on the current market, with revolvers that the mainstay of this stove, though there were several gun versions dependent on the air capsule system. As a result of this Anti-Social Behaviour Act, owners needed to hand in their BACS firearms or set them on licences.

Violent Crime Reduction Act

Based on Section 36 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act (VCRA), that came into effect on 1 October 2007, Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs) might not be marketed, imported, or fabricated. Unrealistic fake firearms (IFs) have to have their principle color as transparent, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright blue, bright green, bright pink, or bright purple or have dimensions of no longer than the usual elevation of 38mm and a span of 70mm (as described from the Home Office regulations such as your VCRA). Exceptions to the action can be found for the following:

  • Galleries or museums
  • theatrical performances and rehearsals of such performances
  • the creation of movies and tv programs
  • the organisation and holding of historic re-enactments
  • crown servants

The Airsoft Defence

The main thing about the VCRA is that it created two new defences for both website organisers and people. This crucial defence provided much-needed recognition of airsoft as a valid action. The notes to the VCRA say the following:

The regulations provide two new defences. The first is for the organisation and carrying of airsoft skirmishing. This is defined with regard to”permitted activities” along with also the defence applies only where third party liability insurance has been held in regard to their actions.” And “The defence for airsoft skirmishing could use to individual players since their purchase of realistic imitation guns for this goal is considered a portion of the”holding” of a skirmishing event”

The airsoft defence relies on whether a man or woman is a skirmisher. Among the steps put in place by merchants was that the forming of a professionally documented and preserved database. This system is handled by the Uk Airsoft Retailers Association or UKARA. We clarified the UKARA database in a previous blog.

Policing and Crime Act 2017

It’s possible to read a complete information release concerning the adjustments to this Policing & Crime Act 2017 within our previous site. But the modifications are:

How does the Act affect airsoft?

The Policing & Crime Act introduced an exclusion in the classification because of airsoft guns as firearms, as long as they fulfill specific standards.

Airsoft guns, irrespective of how they’re powered, aren’t considered firearms if they’re made to shoot a curved plastic missile that’s no larger than 8mm in diameter and they have a muzzle energy that’s no greater than 1.3 joules whenever they could fire sequential shots or 2.5 joules whenever they could just fire person shots. Thus, 1.3 joules to get auto-fire airsoft guns and 2.5 joules for only shot or semi-auto airsoft guns. visit for more airsoft guns

Desired 5 year prison sentence for Part 5 guns ownership.

Possession of a Part 5 Firearm without proper documentation includes a mandatory 5 year prison sentence. If you are not careful with your updates, you might be updating your airsoft rifle to some Section 5 firearm simply by altering a spring.

If you are in any doubt about your muzzle energy, then have a look at our FPS Calculator that will assist you maintain your airsoft rifle within limits.

The modifications in the Policing and Crime Act 2017 have surely made considerable inroads into clearly specifying the responsible and safe use of airsoft guns in the opinion of law enforcement, but there are more steps to consider. There’s some ambiguity about HPA airsoft guns and GBB airsoft guns, which can readily be created to fire past the limit. But in for now, airsoft guns within the standards will be excepted from the definition of a firearm, providing certainty where we did not have it that, I believe we could all agree, is a fantastic thing.


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